Beyond the Horizon

Shima 0 comments 27.04.2015


Growing up, I spent countless days with a pen and paper in hand. I found writing to be very therapeutic for me. I would write poetry, novels, letters, and stories.

I decided to pursue Journalism in college and upon graduating, I was fortunate to find an internship with a prestigious real estate magazine. I spent the summer working with the magazine, writing on behalf of top producing agents, and the market. I found the material interesting, but soon realized I may have studied the wrong major.

I told the editor of the magazine that although I appreciated my time with the magazine, I couldn’t accept the offer of pursuing a full-time position with the company. Most Journalism graduates would have killed for the position, but something didn’t feel right.

I needed more. I had a yearning desire to help others all my life and didn’t see it possible behind a desk. So, I took a risk and left a promising job to pursue real estate.

I realized that what you think you want isn’t always right for you and in order to succeed, you have to take chances.

Real estate is very much the same way. You may think you know exactly what your dream home is and what you want, until you see something else. Sometimes, the things we want aren’t necessarily the things we need and there are things far more suitable for us.

I advise clients to be open-minded in pursuit of a new home. Do not limit your chances of finding the perfect home for you by discriminating or prejudging a home.

My goal is to assist clients in finding their Dream homes by giving them plenty of options of not only what they believe they want, but seeing beyond the horizon so they can find something that is not only perfect,

but perfect for them.

By willing to consider new ideas, you never know what you’ll find.

“The horizon is only the limit of our sight.”

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Palos Verdes Goats

Shima 0 comments 25.04.2015


You may have seen groups of goats scattered across the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve recently and no, you’re not dreaming! The goats are a beginning stage in helping restore a 12-acre portion of the 1,400-acre preserve that was burned in a fire in 2009.

According to L.A. Times, “The goats, which range in size from 75 to 150 pounds, are positioned to gobble up all the invasive weeds so native plants and insects can move back in and survive.”

With the help of goats, we will soon have natural brush clearance!

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