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Automated Valuation Model

Shima 0 comments 05.07.2016


If you’ve ever used an automated valuation model to determine the price of your home, then you know they don't work.

An Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is a service intended to produce a numerical estimate of a real estate property. Below are 5 reasons why I believe they don’t work.

The Market Shifts

Different factors influence the market throughout the year, making it unpredictable to determine a home’s value through a system that does not take into consideration the current market. Current market conditions are gathered from interest rates, stock market, gasoline prices, election-year distractions, global events, and other things going on around us that we basically have no control over.  These factors plus seasonal things such as income tax time, holidays, add an unpredictable element to home sales.   Since most AVM’s gather data anywhere from three to six months back, it is not always in the most current timeframe.


Cannot take into consideration updates or damages.

An AVM is unable to calculate the property’s current condition, such as wear and tear, foundation damage, etc. Therefore, the estimated value may not reflect what an inspector or an appraiser will take into consideration.  Remember, updates don’t necessarily add value to a property, but they can help a home to sell quicker.

Not always calculating with the most accurate comparable.

When calculating a price by analyzing comps, it is important to take as many factors into consideration as possible. This can only happen when you measure more than just number of beds and baths. Instead, it is important to consider square footage, lot size, amenities, appliances, condition, etc.


Does not measure demand.

Though a demanding market does not add value to the property itself, scarcity of homes may increase the chances of a home being sold faster or opposite if there are many homes on the market. An AVM will not be able to determine whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market, which both have different effects on home values.

Know who is your competition.

When pricing a property, it is vital to consider what is currently active, pending, what has a backup offer, and what has closed. An AVM will not be able to determine all of these factors, thus taking out a huge factor of what price will sell a home.

In conclusion, using an automated valuation model should be a fun way to get an idea of what your home can possibly sell for. However, in order to find the most comparable price so your home sells in efficient time, it is best to consult with a real estate professional who can help you measure statistics, current market trends and take updates into consideration for you.

Don’t hesitate to call me today to schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn what your home can potentially sell for.

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Lighting the way for dogs.

Shima 0 comments 04.07.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Brian Lee, who has followed his passion and calling to transform the way humans understand dogs.

Brian grew up in La Canada before moving to Redondo Beach, CA in 1986, where he has lived since. When he was a young child, Brian took it upon himself to make sure the family dog was taken care of. At just 15, he had his own Irish Setter and trained it off-leash with obedience.

At the time, having that sort of talent was impressive and he gained a lot of attention because of it. He says, “I recognized then that my natural connection was unique, but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I realized I had found my true calling.”


In 1985, he went to the National Institute of Dog Training and graduated top in his class. He worked directly with Matthew Margolis and says he still supports some of the methods he learned during that period of time, however, his knowledge and expertise came from the past 30 years of working directly with dogs and their owners, studying the relationship and observing the progress of rehabilitation.

In 1986, Brian began his company, Canine Counseling, which he later rebranded in 2006 as, “Way of the dog.” Today, Brian is the owner/operator and is fully hands on in his company, from answering emails to speaking directly with clients.

His program strives to educate the owner how to see the world through their dog's eyes, what motivates the dog's behavior, why it is crucial to socialize a dog, how to set a dog up to win, how to become a dog's mentor (pack-leader), and how to create a rewarding relationship between an owner and their dog.


He recommends anyone considering a puppy to partake in, Way of the puppy several weeks PRIOR to getting the dog. He says that starting the program early allows one to learn strategies for housebreaking, puppy-proofing the home, keeping the puppy safe, and other day-to-day challenges before they become problems. “Being proactive is the first and most important step in achieving success,” he says.

A typical day consists of 5-7 one hour long appointments a day. Half of his clients prefer that he goes to their home (and in some circumstances he recommends it) and he works with the other half out of his own backyard. He works on average 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Brian recommends to anyone considering a dog to evaluate their available time before getting a dog- very closely. He says, “Some breeds require a TON of exercise and not fulfilling that need can create problems, including aggression. If you’re responsible, patient, have time to share and love to give, GREAT! Dogs truly are members of the family and they have just as much to offer you as you do for them- as long as there is a healthy relationship.”

He feels the best part of his job is also the most challenging, which is to be able to turn around an aggressive dog for a family in a short amount of time. He says, “It is extremely rewarding and challenging.”

Brian has successfully handled just about every behavior challenge a dog can present and continues working with many owners and their second and third generation dogs. Although his specialty is the "family dog,” he has worked with search and rescue, guide, agility, and therapy dogs.


One can learn more about Brian and his training by visiting his website, However, feels the best way to learn about his program is by talking over the phone at (310) 543-0375.

He says that most dog training is symptom based and teaching commands, while his focus is to provide an understanding of the relationship and help develop a well-balanced, mentally healthy dog.

When Brian is not helping his clients, he is hosting puppy parties at his home on Sunday’s where he invites 20 to 30 puppies to play and for him to observe their behaviors. This allows him to further address any behavioral issues he sees early on.

At these parties, puppies have the opportunity to play and gain social confidence and experience in a supervised and controlled environment. Puppy parties are included with the puppy program.

Over the years, he has worked with over 10,000 dogs and their families! Brian is currently working on a few new projects that he hopes to launch in the next 5 years including more blog posts, a video series and a book! He also hopes to expand his family.

He enjoys the South Bay mostly for the ocean, weather and entertainment. He also enjoys that the vibe is more laid-back.  “There is a strong sense of community here in the South Bay. I see this in all of my clients- through their devotion to their dog to their support and appreciation of my work- the referrals, cinnamon rolls and cookies are unheard of,” he says.


Thank you, Brian, for sharing your calling with others in the South Bay and helping owners build a healthy relationship with their dogs.

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All American Dog.

Shima 0 comments 27.06.2016


Did you know more dogs get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year?

Because of this, shelters see a dramatic increase in lost dogs which results in them having to put many dogs to sleep to make room for more.

As the 4th of July week of festivities comes close, keep your dog safe by following these simple tips.


Check that your dog’s collar is on a securely. The collar shouldn’t feel too tight, but also snug enough that it cannot fall off if caught.


Ensure that the information on your dog’s tag is up to date with a name, address and phone number so you can be reached easily if your dog gets curious and runs out to find the sound.


In addition to having a collar, microchip your dog. A microchip is a tiny transponder that carries your pet’s information which can be retrieved when scanned using radio frequency waves. This is the most secure form of assuring your dog is protected if lost, so they can quickly retain information and reunite you with your best friend again.


Take your dog for a nice walk, run, hike or play time prior.

Burning excess energy will eliminate any pent up stress, anxiety or nerves.


Do not fuel the anxiety. If your dog begins to panic due to the fireworks, do not carry more attention to the fear. Instead, turn on calming music or the TV to stimulate the mind and distract him from the alarming sounds and lights. Relaxmydog on iTunes will help put your pup to a deep sleep.


Hire a sitter or consider boarding. If you have plans to host or will be away from home, it may be best to leave your dog with a trusting friend or pet boarding center. Most boarding facilities, like Mission Underdog Group, keeps dogs secure in a warehouse where sounds are not as loud. This keeps your dog calm and less anxious all-around.

Plus, they will be playing with their fur-friends and will be too distracted to care about the fireworks.


Take a current photo of your dog in case he goes missing. 


Comfort your dog, if necessary. Although they say you shouldn't baby a dog who is afraid, sometimes all they need is love. 

Have a safe 4th of July week ahead and remember to take time out to prepare for your dog's needs as well.

Competing for change.

Shima 0 comments 27.06.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Jose Figueroa, who uses his passion for competitions and fitness to empower others to change their lives too.

Jose grew up in Sacramento and later moved to Long Beach, CA. He says, “I came for the beaches and help promote a healthy and an active lifestyle, in my own way.” Today, Jose is a trainer and physique competitor.


He loves to compete in everything he does, from video games to competing in physique with others on stage. “I train hard every day and with luck, I have not had major injuries,” he says.

Like anyone, he faces the challenges of staying motivated through the years. He has found that setting short term goals, such as eating healthy for two weeks, is key to keep pushing forward. “Not only do I do this for my health, but for the competing aspect,” he says.


He constantly asks himself, “How well do I stack up against some of the most fit people out there? How far am I willing to push to obtain what I desire?”

He was inspired to compete at an early age of six when he read a brief story about the history of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was intrigued. “I could not stop thinking about how massive of a man he was and how he looked like a superhero with all of those muscles. I was hooked,” he says.


When Jose is not competing, he trains people to obtain their fitness healthy lifestyle goals. Whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, help an athlete reach their goal, or a diabetic person with a special diet, he says it brings great joy in helping others.

The goals of his clients soon become his goals and he says, “I personally hold myself accountable in making sure they strive and push through any barriers in order to reach a goal.”


He’d tell anyone who is hesitant of making a lifestyle change to make sure they are healthy enough to start a rigorous activity such as running or weight training. After cleared, he says he’d tell them talk to a trainer or read about the activity they want to take up. “If it's weights, personal trainers are willing to give you free sessions. Ask questions and prepare for a rewarding journey,” he says.

Jose pays it forward by offering free group training classes to simply promote health. In five years, he sees himself owning multiple gyms and expanding his philosophy.

He says that he loves his dogs sometimes more than people only because during moments of failure, they pick him up and still see him as the same as when he is conquering the world. “They see no color or religion. I have grown to respect their loyalty, therefore, I'm forever grateful that some of my best friends have been my dogs,” he says.


Jose loves the South Bay for the weather, the abundance of great motivated people, and the beaches.

Thank you, Jose, for sharing your love of fitness with others and promoting a healthy lifestyle for those who need a change!


You can contact Jose directly to learn more about training here: 530-312-3696

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Paving the way for the leaders of our next generation

Shima 0 comments 21.06.2016


Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s WCW title belongs to Christi Ginger Carrillo, who is the chairman of YPN which seeks to create leaders for the next generation of real estate and to bring positive awareness of what realtors do, and help agents excel in their business.

Christi grew up living between Texas and California before she moved to Lomita, CA. Today, Christi is the chairman of YPN, which is a group of young minded Realtors (not all young in age) which have a purpose of being the support system for new agents just starting in this business. She says, “We are also here to pave the path for the new generation of leadership in our local, state and national Association of Realtors.” They are also in charge of engaging with the community, organizing and funding community outreach projects to help impact local areas in a positive way.


Her duties are to be a positive example of leadership and help her committee achieve their goals. She has to organize and conduct all committee meetings and have agents see the value of supporting the YPN with the local association. In addition, she is in charge of putting the annual calendar together, allowing the committee to vote on what projects they will be involved with and support the association in growth and be active in participation with all events. Lastly, she must always be friendly and approachable to all Realtors.

YPN’s main goals are to seek out Realtors who wish to be involved in Leadership. She says they have three educational classes a year, a networking event every other month, and have at least two community outreach projects a year. The purpose of the networking events is to allow agents to form relationships, discuss business, have fun, provide a support system, and raise money to fund the community projects.


Christi loves being involved mostly for the relationships she has created while doing this. “The gratification I get from contributing and making a difference in other agents’ lives and in our community. I love the opportunity that it has given me to grow in my business and as a person,” she says.

Other can contribute in many ways. They can become a committee member and volunteer their time to the events and meetings and by also having a voice in what educational classes are needed to help new agents. Others can also contribute by attending the events and networking. Most of the networking events cost $5 or $10 to attend, which helps YPN reach their financial goals for the community projects.


For anyone who’s hesitant to join, Christi says, “If you’re a person who loves to engage with others, give back, and grow, then this is the committee for you. Full of positive and upbeat energy, and also looking to excel! If you feel that you don’t have the time, to join the committee board, then it’s just as important and appreciated to support the events with attendance when you can.”


She says to those who believe that the time and effort it takes to dedicate to running a committee would hinder their business, she’d totally disagree. “When other agents know who you are, it’s more likely they will want to do business with you and also see you succeed, when your clients see that you are active in the local community, and do things like travel to legislative day our State Capitol to support Home Ownership rights, it’s appreciated and gives you value as a REALTOR, when social media sees that you care and are involved, it gives you extra value that other Agents might not offer, which helps your business,” she says.


Despite her busy schedule, Christi is able to balance her life as an amazing mother and wife. She says that she truly feeds off of the hectic schedule. She has always believed in having a strong work ethic and continually growing and always seeing the “big picture.”

 She says that she has taken on more than she can handle before, and had to recently step down from being the WCR President Elect. “It took me being honest with myself, to know that I didn’t have the passion for the group, and I wasn’t able to commit the kind of effort the group needed and deserved. It’s really a hard pill to swallow when you feel like you let others down. Sometimes I feel the need to please everyone, and it’s just not possible,” she says.

Thus, she has found ways to prioritize her busy schedule. She says her family is always her first priority and her passion comes next. “Passion is key, cause the business and money follows that. My passion has always to grow, and help others.”


She hopes to make it on the Board of Directors for the Palos Verdes Association and in the near future, to become a Team Leader of a real estate office. She is able to balance her workload by remembering not to stress, avoid negativity, and drama! “We are all here to learn, grow and give back... otherwise I’d feel like I had a void,” she says.


Christi enjoys living life to the fullest, but also enjoys the simple things in life such as, laughing with her kids, traveling and meeting people. She loves taking small trips that allow her to recharge. “I’m someone who loves wine and champagne, so fun to me is just laughter with good company. “On the side note, I do like skydiving & horseback riding,” she says. In addition, she enjoys shooting and going to the river each summer!


Christi also gives back to the community by first and foremost teaching her children by example. She brings her children to community events so that they remember the importance of staying humble and to give when they can. In addition, she took her niece in when she was 14 so that she didn’t become a ward of the state, cause she knew she could have a positive impact on her life. She also has given back to her sister’s family as her nephew is fighting cancer, gives to her church financially and is involved in her office’s culture events, where they give back to the community.


Christi loves the South Bay, because of the diversity in the people. She says that the mixture of people here is not like anywhere else she has ever been. “I love being close to the ocean, and also just being 30 min away from Downtown LA... The South Bay has some amazing people here,” she says.

Thank you, Christi, for dedicating your time and energy to pave the way for our future leaders and leading by example to the youth to be positive and influential members of society!


“Take away the ‘opportunities’ that happens through meeting others. The amazing connections that happen when you become involved, there is traveling and growth that is truly priceless. It allows you to grow in your business and as a person.”

Christi Ginger Carrillo

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All about the love.

Shima 0 comments 19.06.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Moises E. Juarez, who is the lead singer of the South Bay’s beloved Reggae bands, Tomorrows Bad Seeds.

Moi, 29, grew up in the South Bay and was raised in Hermosa Beach. Since he was 14, he has been singing and writing music and began singing when he first started to speak!

Since 2003, Moi has been performing in shows with his band, Tomorrows Bad Seeds. They are a Reggae, Surf and Rock band, but he says that he’d consider the genre, “World music.”


Moi is the lead vocalist and says that the best part is getting to do what he loves so it doesn’t feel like work. He says as far as challenging, creating a meaningful message to portray is probably the most important aspect he tries not to forget when producing music.

Moi wants others to feel a sense of relief and relation to the message his songs portray. He wants others who may be considering following their passions, but are unsure that “If your heart and soul aren't 100% in it, maybe it's a better choice for that person to stick to a guaranteed salary check cause if you’re looking to get rich off of music, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Just follow your heart, otherwise you'll never know, but just realize it's not easy. It's like anything else in life you have to work at it and good luck.”


He says there are no typical days in his field, but it's all work, work, work, studio, writing, touring. However, despite his heavy workload, he says the best part of his day is hanging and playing with his son, Kaden. “That's what I look forward to the most,” he says.

TBS (1)

You can purchase music from Moi’s band directly from iTunes or at any of their live perfomances.


When he is not writing or creating music, he likes to surf, sing and work out. He says that it is a way of life to simply create anything through art .


Today, Moi  is residing in Torrance and loves it mostly because it is mellow. He says, “I love the South Bay cause my roots run 4 generations deep.”

Thank you, Moi, for bringing your passions and art to life for locals of the South Bay to enjoy and remaining humble.


“It's all about LOVE , ALL LOVE ALL WAYS. Thank you for your time and see you at the next show.”

-Moises E. Juarez

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A healing heART.

Shima 0 comments 15.06.2016


Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s WCW title belongs to Nina Rebecca Nichols, who creates inspiring and creative art pieces through collages and hopes to inspire others to think outside the box through them.

Nina is an Angelino born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. One of Nina’s favorite things to do is collage/decoupage.  She says, “I love tearing images out of magazines that catch my eye. Inspiration just hits me when I'm not expecting it. When it feels right, I start gluing torn images on a board without thinking about it and I love watching what transpires.”

 The collages usually tell a story of her subconscious. She has also dabbled with pastels and abstract art. “I also decoupage bottles as gifts for people, with the theme being things that relate to the specific person. I then discovered that I could pretty much decoupage just about anything, such as skateboards and doll heads,” she says.


She enjoys creating art with music or silence. She likes to create most of her art at home on the floor by herself with the television on or music playing.  Creating is very therapeutic for her. She says it takes her out of her thoughts and stresses of life.


“I love being in the zone when the creative juices are flowing, and I love that euphoric feeling when I'm really happy with the outcome of the finished product,” she says.  Nina shares her art pieces on her Facebook page called "Collagica." She would love to sell her artwork, but feels she needs a little help in the Marketing area.


When she is not creating art, she is a mom to two amazing boys; 11 and 21 and works as a Copy Editor for a design studio that produces car brochures. She also enjoys writing poetry, takin g pictures of odd things, and collects elephants and troll dolls.


Nina likes the South Bay mostly because, “It is a very safe community and I love being so close to the beach where I sometimes like to go to watch the waves and journal.”


Thank you, Nina, for sharing with others how art has transformed your way of living and I look forward to seeing it help others in the future, too.


“I hope I inspire people to think outside the box.”

– Nina Rebecca Nichols

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Not letting fear win.

Shima 0 comments 12.06.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Steve Robles who jumped back into the ocean just six weeks after being attacked by a shark in hopes of teaching others not to let fear stop them from doing what they love.

Robles grew up in Redondo and Hermosa Beach and is currently residing in Lomita. At just six years old, he began to swim competitively after his older sister signed them up for a swimming team and continued until college.


Today, he likes to swim regularly in the morning with the masters group from 5:00am-6:30am. He goes to the pool about 3 days a week and for the past 3 years, on Saturday mornings, he swims with an open water group and swims from Hermosa pier to Manhattan pier

On July 5th, 2014, Robles was attacked by a shark when he was with 14 of the swimmers from his open water group. 10 of the swimmers were ahead of him by 30 seconds and didn't know what had happened until they were nearing the end of the swim. Three of the other swimmers were behind him by about 5-15 seconds. They were the first ones to rescue him from the encounter.


Robles says, “I did see the shark from underneath me. It was about 12 feet underneath me and then surfaced right in front of me.” However, he quickly realized it was too close to him at that moment and it bit him.

He says the bite held on him for five seconds while he grabbed its nose to pry it off. “I did think that it was one of my last moments so I had no time to be terrified and just had to fight with everything I had in me,” he says.


He had deep lacerations on his right torso area and a deep cut into his right thumb which cut into his artery. The bleeding from the artery didn't stop until about 3 hours later and he lost sensation to his thumb for about a month. He says his torso area still itches like a mosquito bite when he touches the scars, even to this day.

Fortunately, Robles recovered from the bite and was back in the ocean within six weeks. He says, “I felt it was important to get back in right away to overcome the experience and to let others know not to give up something they love doing because of one freak event.”


Others can see the reckless actions of the fisherman who agitated the shark on video. There are over 2 million hits of the actual event on YouTube, and can be found by simply typing in "Manhattan Beach Shark Attack"

Since the incident, Robles has continued to swim and is going to publicly speak about the shark attack on the Catalina Channel swim as a spiritual testimony. He says, “I want to share with people how God is always present and ready to provide his hand of protection on all of us. We in turn need to give our lives to following him. Once I experienced this miracle, I began to clearly understand I am here for a higher purpose!”


Steve continues to swim because he says it is one of the only things that keeps his body from feeling the process of aging. “I am 52 and I can clearly see that I don't move around like I once did at age 30,” he says.

This week Steve will be on a new TV show called, "To Tell the Truth.”  It is a revised variety show from the 60's with a modern day twist and will air on ABC. There will be 3 celebrity panelist trying to determine who is the "real" shark attack survivor amongst 2 other impersonators. The sneak peek to the series begins Tuesday night at 8:00pm and his segment will air at 10:00 p.m.


You can also listen to his radio interview with the former mayor of Manhattan Beach on Monday June 13th from 1:00pm-2:00pm "Powell to the People" here. They will be discussing the multiple recent shark sightings along the coast and my encounter with the great white shark attack.


Despite the challenges Steve has faced, he is able to remain positive. Here Steve is in a costume he created for Halloween.


Thank you, Steve, for using your “freak event” as a way to bring positivity, change and hope to others.

*Photos have been given by Robles in addition to various downloaded from websites*

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Igniting the flame.

Shima 0 comments 08.06.2016

Nakano Phone 2-16-16 109

Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s WCW title belongs to Christina Nakano, who’s love for children lead her to become a passionate preschool teacher in the South Bay.

Nakano, 29, was born and raised in the South Bay. Nakano says that she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. “There was no other option in my mind. When I was young, I would set up school in my backyard and teach whoever would listen,” she says.

However, when she was in the fifth grade, her teacher, Mr. Barker, really solidified her dream to teach. “He made learning interactive and fun. It was in his class, that I decided that I wanted to teach and make it as fun as possible,” she says.

Today, she is currently working for the Redondo Beach Unified School District as a Preschool Teacher at the Lincoln Child Development Center. Her room is comprised of 19 energetic, open-minded, hilarious 3 and 4 year olds.

KidSpace Museum 135

She says that the best part of teaching children this age is witnessing their sense of awe on a daily basis.  “Each and every day they are being exposed to new ideas and discovering new things about the world around them,” she says.

The most challenging thing she has found is dealing with the expectations people have for young children and education today. She says that many of the children she teaches have never been in a school setting with unfamiliar adults and children around and on top of that Mom and Dad are at work.

She imagines that it is overwhelming to a child. She sees that parents and administration expect the children to get used to a school setting; learn their alphabet and how to function in society as a respectable human being.

“It’s bananas. As an adult, I would probably lose it. Yet, so much focus is on these standards that we have to meet and hopefully each child can keep up,” she says. What upsets her the most is that she believes it isn’t fair, so she tries to focus on letting her students be children first and foremost.

Nakano Phone 2-16-16 153

When Nakano is not juggling 19 energetic kids at school, she is juggling her own two children and being a wife. She says, “Oh man, being a full time teacher, a mother of two and a wife is CRAZY. It’s the hardest and most rewarding part of my life.”

However, because work is fun for her, she doesn’t consider it “work,” and says that makes all the difference. In addition to truly loving what she does, she feels very lucky in the fact that her daughter is able to attend the preschool she works at. Nakano says, “She is in another room, but we are able to spend time together during my work day that I might otherwise miss out on.”

Nakano pays it forward to the community by teaching her students about recycling, gardening and how to care for our Earth. Each year, her class collects recyclables and sort them.  They also have a preschool garden where they use it to teach the children about plants and healthy eating.

Throughout the year, she and her students go on neighborhood walks and pick up any trash they see.  She says, “If I can start healthy eating habits young and make sure the children care for their home and community, then I’ve planted a seed that will only flourish with time.”

Room 2 2015 106

When she is not working, she enjoys relaxing at home with her family or going to the beach. On top of being a full-time teacher, mother and wife, she also had managed to include studying on her very busy schedule and is currently finishing her BA through Vanguard University online.

She would like anyone who’s thinking of becoming a preschool teacher to know, “You MUST have patience. Each day is very different and I never fail to smile and laugh at work but when 16+ children want your attention at any given time you can easily get frustrated.”

Nakano loves the South Bay simply because, “We literally have it all.” She says, “We have amazing weather. I can wake up and head to the mountains if I want to, or to the beach or BOTH. We have great restaurants, great night life, amazing parks and the freeway is around every corner it seems like. We are very lucky to live in such a well-rounded community.”

Thank you, Mrs. Nakano, for being a positive light in our future generation’s life and teaching them to be more than just a great student in class, but a greater person outside. You are an asset to the South Bay community.

Mothers Day 066

 “As long as a child has an interest in learning, they will learn. Burn them out and that flame

will have to work 5x as hard to be reignited.”

Christina Nakano

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Leaving no one behind.

Shima 1 comments 05.06.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Reginald Jones who has committed any extra time outside of his busy academic schedule to help the elderly, homeless in Skid Row, and assist the mentally disabled.

 Reginald, 23, was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. Today he attends school in Carson, CA, working towards getting his BS Degree in Sociology.


Reginald is the youngest of five brothers and sisters, all raised by a single mother. He says, “Believe it or not, I was the BIG surprise child; my parents are older- mom, 63, and my father recently just passed this February at the age of 93.”

 Reginald say that his father instilled hard work in him and he thrives to be as great of a man as him. Thus, he works at a Senior Assisted Living Facility in Long Beach called, "Vista Del Mar Senior Living".

 He has worked there for the past three years and has grown with the company. He says he started off as the receptionist and is now the Activities Director. He truly feels blessed to have advanced in the company.

 In addition, he works at the Weingart Center in DTLA Skid Row. He says it is a true humbling experience and he enjoys working at the shelter every day. “I love working with the community and the shelter allows me to view another part of the community that is sometimes misunderstood,” he says.


 In addition to working at the senior assisted living and working with the shelter, he participates in many events with his facility such as Alzheimer’s walks, Hosting Community events at the facility, and also getting the residents out of the facility by going on various outings to keep them feeling in tuned with the community. He also works with Giant Steps Program for Mentally Disabled Adults. He says that at this position, he assists the clients in everyday duties such as shopping, cooking, educating them on safe ways to clean and operate cleaning materials, and etc. “Anything that sometimes come easy to a person without any mental disabilities, I assist to help build their confidence in which one day they can possibly do it alone,” he says.

Reginald always knew he wanted to have a career in which he could give back to the community and says it’s crazy how God will place certain things and obstacles in your path to help you find your Niche. Because he grew up with a senior citizen as his father, he assumes it was destined for him.


 He enjoys working with the elderly mostly because he gets to watch them smile at all the little things that happen in life because their wisdom has allowed them to take joy in small things. “It inspires to me to be more grateful for everything I have and to be proud that my elders went through the trenches to allow me to live in the society we are in today,” he says.

 He faces challenges everyday working with seniors. Some of them may have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, some have suffered from strokes, etc. Therefore, he has to make sure he is aware of their differences so they can receive the best care and enjoy all the activities the community has to offer without compromising their lives.

Reginald says one can help by coming to the community and filling out a Volunteer App. Upon completion, one will be screened and the organization will determine which community is best for you.

When he is not working, he loves traveling. He says that whenever he can get a week off and he is not concerned with tuition, school or work, he goes to Michigan to visit family or just travel to other states to see something new and have a story to tell. “To be wise I feel you must see life from every aspect, which is why I love to travel,” he sayss


He loves the South Bay mostly for the community and how “real” it is. “You meet different people from various backgrounds and it makes it possible to be educated on life in different ways,” he says.

 Thank you, Reginald, for being a wonderful, inspirational and devoted member of the South Bay community thriving to make our society a greater place! Your father would be immensely proud.

“You truly must have a passion to work with the elderly, mentally disabled, of Homeless community and in which I LOVE WHAT I DO; and I thrive every day to grow so I can be a bigger source in my community. I plan to one day open a Board & Care for seniors and a Facility for AT RISK YOUTH. I feel without the knowledge of the elderly we can never grow into a bigger better society, and also for the youth; if we don’t help them or show them other ways of being successful even through their many circumstances our community won’t grow.”

-Reginald Jones

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