P.V. Beach and Athletic Club

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Ever wonder what that cool-looking building nestled along the shoreline is?

Well, I’m here to tell you! It is the 𝙋𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙨 𝙑𝙚𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙨 𝘽𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘼𝙩𝙝𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙘 𝘾𝙡𝙪𝙗, an exclusive, recreational complex, sitting next to Rat Beach.

The city of Palos Verdes Estates owns the private beach and athletic club, and they charge an annual membership fee. Facilities at the Club include a 5-story clubhouse, 6-lane pool, children’s pool, sauna, and fitness center. 

Sellers Market

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A lack of listings means a ???? strong market for sellers. 

Imagine buyers fighting it out to own YOUR home. Fighting it out means you get you’ll get multiple offers with a shorter list time at top dollar.

Run, don’t walk... the market is hot NOW. 

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For today’s “Tourist in my own city,” I visisted Rolling Hills Estates’ new restaurant, Corazon.

This may sound silly, but I typically judge a Mexican restaurant in the first few minutes based on their SALSA! I personally have no tolerance for spicy, but I do love a good salsa that is mild enough for me to eat and spicy enough for me to feel a kick.

Corazon did not disappoint.


Corazon Mexican Kitchen, located at 767 Deep Valley Dr., Rolling Hills Estates has a trendy, yet welcoming atmosphere.  The restaurant opened earlier this year in June, but I finally had some time to get in there and I wanted to share my experience.

I found that there are several areas designated for parties where groups can separate themselves from others to enjoy their privacy. In addition, the restaurant has an outdoor patio and a bar where individuals can enjoy their lunch or a drink.


What makes Corazon differ from other Mexican restaurants is that the ambiance and presentation of the food brings elegance to what many may consider a casual dinner. The restaurant is well-known for their cucumber margarita which Cucumber has cilantro, jalapeño, agave nectar with sweet and sour and Han Teq. Tajin Rim. Furthermore, there is a large selection of beer and Latin American Wines.


Based on my experience, I would rate the restaurant an A+ for their efficient service, friendliness and quality. The meals were brought on a timely manner and our waiter, Jacob,  checked on our large party of 12 often. It also didn’t hurt that our chips, salsa and water were refilled often without mentioning.

For a restaurant as elegant as Corazon, I was very surprised to find that prices were very affordable. Customers can mix and match from a variety of options that is perfect for someone who isn’t very hungry. Some options include a soup and salad, a taco and Mexican salad, or a tamale and salad.


Many of the meals are homemade recipes and as mentioned previously, the salsa is AMAZING! Only suggestion I have, don’t get too full off the fresh tortilla chips and salsa like I did.

To learn more about Corazon and to make reservations, please visit their website here.

For some of their specials, please refer to the photo below.


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Fred Hesse Community Park

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For today’s “Tourist in your own city,” I wanted to share a local park I love.

Although Hesse Park wasn’t a new place for me to visit, I still wanted to play tourist so that I can share with you this awesome place.

Growing up, I spent every Saturday at Hesse Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. My father and his friends would play soccer there while my cousins and I spent several hours playing in the field, playgrounds, and dirt.


Like most parks, there is a playground, walking path, and acres of green field. Yet, Hesse Park remains to be one of my favorite parks due to its serenity. I visited the park today, a lot older than my childhood days, and admired things a little differently.

When I was younger, a good park to me was one in which I could run freely and swing high. Today, I seek to find parks where I can gather my thoughts, read a good book, and possibly take a nap. Hesse Park seems to meet my criteria fully.


he park which is located at 29301 Hawthorne Boulevard is a little different than most parks because of its meeting rooms. Guest can rent out the recreation rooms for events, weddings, and parties. Often times, park visitors can also find brides and grooms capturing their wedding photos in the park.

Some of the features of Hesse Park include baseball fields, picnic areas with barbeques, playgrounds, a sand volleyball court, soccer field, and plenty of walking trails. Stairs along a walking trail will take you “downstairs” to two playgrounds for children, recreational rooms, restrooms, and additional walking trails. Downstairs, which is considered the lower park area includes a sand volleyball court, picnic tables, and plenty of trees.


Above, where the main park area is, one can find a beautiful panoramic view of Catalina Island. The breathtaking ocean view attracts many brides and grooms who come to the park to take their wedding photos.

Fred Hesse, Jr. Community Park remains to be one of my favorite places to explore on any day. No matter the time or day, one can find a shady tree to relax under or a picnic table to have lunch on.


What park did you grow up playing at?

To learn more about Fred Hesse Community Park, please visit the website here.

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Not Your Average Sandwich

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Today’s #MCM title belongs to the South Bay’s latest hype: BreadCrumbs sandwiches, created by local residents of the South Bay.

One of your first meals in grade school was probably a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and no matter how much older you’ve become, you still crave them. There’s something unusually satisfying and comforting about a sandwich. For some, it brings them closer to home and for others, it’s the simplicity behind it.

Sandwiches have become a household staple that no matter the time or day, sound good. In an age where restaurants are constantly competing to stand out with unique flavors, outrageous presentations, and flames coming out from the plate- there remains a universal craving of sandwiches. Even the simplest made sandwiches combining a whirl of ingredients, sandwiches satisfy cravings with just one bite.

Sometimes having “just a sandwich” is what makes it so darn good, but BreadCrumbs isn’t JUSTa sandwich. That’s right- the sandwiches stand out from others because:

1.It isn’t a franchise


2. The sandwiches are made with the finest ingredients.


According to the creators behind BreadCrumbs Gourmet Sandwiches, “You are getting the best proteins, healthiest veggies and the right carbs to ensure you have the energy to physically and mentally keep yourself sharp and energized, all while enjoying our amazing sandwiches in the process. BreadCrumbs gourmet sandwiches are the highest quality sandwiches on the market. Every detail of our sandwiches has been well thought out for not only the taste, but the nutritional value for our customers. We spent over a year searching for the perfect bread for our sandwiches, choosing Non-GMO breads for its texture, smell and taste. Our meats are gluten free resulting in only the best from Boars Head. Our sauces are house-made and our vegetables are fresh and locally sourced. BreadCrumbs gourmet sandwiches are simply the best.”

The creators, Keivan and Garrett are both residents of the South Bay. Keivan worked many years in the restaurant industry and when finally realizing his passion was to provide gourmet sandwiches to locals, he presented the idea of a partnership with his buddy, Garrett. Immediately, Garrett was sold on the idea, trusting Keivan’s work ethic and experience in the food & beverage industry. Their foundation was simple: A business that provides delicious gourmet sandwiches to the community while giving back as much as it got from it.

BreadCrumbs is built on Quality and Service. The quality of business ranges from the cleanliness of the facility to how each sandwich is made and delivered. The sandwiches are rivaled by none as the best breads and proteins, local veggies and sauces are uniquely chosen and produced.

Keivan and Garrett agreed that simplicity is a great quality and goes a long way. In result, they’ve focused on enhancing the word simple by creating a fascinating experience with their meals.



The community inspires them and their hopes are to celebrate sharing and displaying their food for all to enjoy. They host several events including the Farmer’s Market, sell sandwiches at international market, Seaside Market in, and provide after-hour sandwiches at Hermosa Beach bars. They believe in five core values including quality, service, community, employees, and trust. Their goal is that in everything they do, these ethics are seen from the way the meat is cut to the warm smile they give customers.

To learn more about BreadCrumbs, please visit their website here.

Stop by and visit the crew every:

Tuesday: Torrance Farmer’s Market

Wednesdays: Hermosa Pier,  11-4 p.m.

Fridays: Hermosa, 11th Street: 11-4 p.m.

Sunday: Palos Verdes Farmer’s Market


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Portuguese Bend Beach Club

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Portuguese Bend Club is one of Rancho Palos Verdes’ best kept secrets.  The exclusive club is hidden behind a private gated housing community in Rancho Palos Verdes. The community has a private beach club on Portuguese Bend Cove. The beach has imported sand, shaded picnic tables, sport courts, volleyball courts, and a playground for kids.

Near the south end of the beach, there are rocks and tide pools to explore at low tide. To the south of the club is Rancho Palos Verdes Beach and in the north direction  is the public beach called Portuguese Bend Cove Beach in Abalone Cove Reserve.

There is currently a  16 year waiting list at the exclusive and much sought after Portuguese Bend Beach Club. The club captures views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. While maintaining it’s peacefulness, the club has BBQs, paddle tennis and playground equipment, which  offers something for the entire family.11825061_857089791046242_1687701586413570849_n 11796386_857089931046228_7095067029504511653_n-460x193

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Nanny Matchmaker

Shima 0 comments 23.06.2015


Summer officially began yesterday, but many parents are now questioning how they can possibly keep their children entertained while they are at work. Parents in the South Bay don’t have to look very far with the help of

Nanny Matchmaker.

Nanny Matchmaker LA, is a Los Angeles based business formed to give parents in Los Angeles a new option when seeking a caregiver for their family. Nanny Matchmakers is a team of professional nannies who have seen firsthand how important the right family/nanny match is. Unlike many agencies, they do not attempt to determine who your nanny should be. Instead, they work alongside you through the entire nanny search and hiring process to find you a perfect match!

Nanny Matchmaker LA was founded by two LA based nannies, Ashley Reed and Nicola Magrath. The two met in a park one morning when they were working as nannies in West Hollywood. The two hit it off, and began discussing how to take all their experience as professional nannies, and their love for children to create a new more effective way to assist and support families and caregivers across the city.

Nanny Matchmaker LA offers a variety of services.  Parents and caregivers can visit theirwebsite for more details.

I was able to speak with Nanny Matchmaker founder, Magrath, who shared with me specific details of what makes her company so unique from other companies.

 “What are some tips you would give for families who are looking to hire a nanny for the first time?”

Magrath: “Before you begin the interview process determine what you need and want from a caregiver. It’s best to know how many hours per week you will need a babysitter, nanny or parents helper. It’s also great to know what you expect your caregivers weekly schedule will be, and the pay you will be able to offer. Try to give yourself many weeks, even months to find the right fit for your family. Finding the perfect caregiver is possible but it can take time to ensure that you find the right fit for you family.

In addition determine ahead of time how a nanny can best partner with your family. Write down the role you envision your nanny will play in your family and establish the expectations you have for your caregiver, both immediately and long term.

Finally, understand that by hiring a caregiver you are hiring an employee. You can pay your caregiver daily, weekly or bi-weekly, however, remember you must pay your caregiver at least minimum wage. All household employees should be paid on the books and all hours must be fairly compensated for. After you’ve found the perfect caregiver for your family, keep that caregiver when possible. As in other jobs consider perks, and incentives you can offer to your nanny or parents helper to keep them feeling valued and as though they are a vital and cherished part of your family.”

“What are parent’s greatest concerns?”

Magrath: “It’s not uncommon for families to require or want a caregiver. The greatest concern most parents have is how to find an experienced, responsible and trustworthy person to care for their children. Nanny Matchmaker LA was formed to give parents across Los Angeles a new way of finding the perfect match for their family. A caregiver who will partner with parents to ensure that the child in their care is physically, emotionally, and intellectually healthy.  A caregiver who assists parents and assists the family in a way that makes the household run smoothly and efficiently.”

“How is Nanny Matchmaker different than other services?”

Magrath: “Nanny Matchmaker LA is not a nanny agency!  Nanny Matchmaker LA was formed to give parents in Los Angeles a new option when seeking a caregiver for their family. Our Matchmakers are also professional nannies who have seen first hand how important the right family/nanny match is. Unlike many agencies we don’t attempt to determine who your nanny should be. Instead, we work alongside you through the entire nanny search and hiring process to find you a perfect match.”

How much are the charges?

Our prices vary based on the type of caregiver a family is seeking to employ.

How do you match Nanny’s?

Magrath: “We get to know you each nanny. We learn what it is they are looking for in an employer/family. We dig deep to understand their needs to make sure we match them perfectly with our clients. Before we recommend any caregiver to we require everyone to go through a thorough screening process.  Lastly we make sure you are fully aware of your legal rights and ‘nanny’ tax requirements.

We also offer: Nanny Training Days, caregiver screening workshops, nanny mediation, babysitting services, and other custom tools designed by Nanny Matchmaker LA to assist both caregivers and families during the search, interview and hiring process.

Every nanny we meet goes through a thorough screening process. We meet every nanny in person. Upon hire every caregiver is run through Trustline (a federal background check, mandatory for caregivers in the state of California). We also require all caregivers to have current CPR/First Aid certification and outstanding professional childcare related experience and references.”

“What kind of services do the Nanny’s provide?

Magrath: “A nanny is responsible for all of the care surrounding a child. A nanny partners with a family and is involved with the growth & development, as well as, the overall well-being of the children they care for.  A nanny is often a form of household employee who agrees to the terms of a contract upon hire. A nanny typically works a set amount of hours per week; either part time or full time. In most cases a nanny works on a salary rather than for an hourly wage. Most families offer a nanny perks and incentives including: vacation time, paid sick days and annual pay raises.

What areas does the company cover?

“While we are based out of West Hollywood, CA we strive to help families and caregivers across Los Angeles.”

For more information visit www.nannymatchmakerla.com or

 Instagram: @nannymatchmakerla

Facebook: @nannymatchmakerla

Twitter: @nannymatchla

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Palos Verdes Goats

Shima 0 comments 25.04.2015


You may have seen groups of goats scattered across the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve recently and no, you’re not dreaming! The goats are a beginning stage in helping restore a 12-acre portion of the 1,400-acre preserve that was burned in a fire in 2009.

According to L.A. Times, “The goats, which range in size from 75 to 150 pounds, are positioned to gobble up all the invasive weeds so native plants and insects can move back in and survive.”

With the help of goats, we will soon have natural brush clearance!

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