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Moving for military families.

Shima 0 comments 12.05.2016

In honor of Armed Forces Day this month, I wanted to share some moving tips for military families.


Military families often struggle with relocating and children need to know that their concerns are heard. They must feel loved and cared for and this can simply be done by listening to their concerns and finding ways to achieve emotional stability. Sit down with your child and give 100% of your attention to their worries, such as making new friends, starting a new school, etc. Sometimes we get caught up in our own struggles that we forget about the most vulnerable ones.


Children want to feel "special." By giving children a special job on moving “out” and moving “in” day, they will feel a valuable part of the process and realize that their role in the family is just as important to adjusting.

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Also, reading positive children's books that explain the moving process will ease their concerns. Possibly set aside time each evening for the child to read a book with you. Make sure to discuss after reading what they thought, felt, liked and disliked.

Cursive writing

Sometimes parents think that it is best to tell children last when moving. However, it is critical that your children have the enough time to say good-bye to the family members and friends they're leaving behind. You can make the process easier by purchasing a notepad and asking them to collect addresses, phone numbers and email so they can remain pen-pals.


Lastly, remember to be understanding, compassionate and thoughtful every step of the way.