Shima’s Home Buying Tip

 Shima  0comments  18.03.2022

Getting an offer accepted in today’s market is quite challenging. Low-interest rates and even lower inventory have resulted in buyers competing against one another to have their offers chosen by sellers.

This is why I advise my clients to request UPFRONT UNDERWRITING by their lender.

Most buyers submit an offer with a Pre-Approval letter only. Though significant, the letter merely indicates that the buyer will be able to qualify for the home. This means there is possibly still a risk in accepting that offer because it will need to still go through underwriting for FULL approval.

My suggestion is to consult with a trusty, knowledgeable and trained individual who is experienced and dedicated to your best interest. Unsure where to start? Send me a D.M. and I’ll happily connect you with my trusted mortgage advisors.

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