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Don’t scrabble with your future!

Shima 0 comments 17.03.2018

Buying or selling a home is all about aligning pieces to achieve a specific end. ? 

Without a thought-out plan, it's merely just a wish list. It’s never too early or late to create a short or long-term plan to achieve homeownership. Call me today so we can discuss how to make your next move a winning one. 

Family First

Shima 0 comments 03.08.2017

Congratulations to these cuties on closing the sale of their home today & making it into Shima's clean kids club!?
I know mom and dad were busy making sure things were in order, but it would have been impossible without your help in keeping your rooms always ready for showings.
Enjoy your earnings and no, Maliyah, you are not chopped liver. ? ?Special thank you to my longtime friends, Matt & Ceci for trusting me with the sale of their home.
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Why Inglewood is HOT?

Shima 0 comments 23.09.2016

14390816_10157430835990526_1815462656285003161_nGuys, as predicted, Inglewood is coming up! The new casino opened yesterday and will have its grand opening this November. In addition, The Forum has been rated #4 in the WORLD for venues, Inglewood was voted Los Angeles's, "Neighborhood of the year" in 2014 and crime has been the lowest for five consecutive years.

Property values have increased 85.6% since 2012 and in January of 2016, the Los Angeles Rams announced their return to Los Angeles and residency in Inglewood! They are working on a $20 million dollar senior citizen building that will open next November and did I mention that it's home to Randy's Donuts?

It's not a bad time to buy in Inglewood right now.

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Why you can’t “sleep” on a house…

Shima 0 comments 08.09.2016


After showing homes to clients that I know they love, I often hear, “Can I sleep on it?”

With homes selling faster than ever, here are 5 reasons why “sleeping” on it is a bad idea.

A lot of times people want to see what else is out there.

I’ve seen many people come very close to what they like, but insist on looking a little more. In the time that they decide to look elsewhere, the home has received multiple offers and they’ve lost on a chance of purchasing their dream home.

No home is going to be exactly what you want.

I personally believe that location is one of the most important factors in choosing a home. If a home is located in an area you absolutely love, don’t hesitate because of cabinets or carpet flooring. These things are minor fixes that shouldn’t stop you from writing an offer on a dream home.

An offer is not permanent.

When submitting an offer, a lot of people feel they are locked in- this is not true. Typically, a home will receive multiple offers if priced correctly which will then need to be reconsidered and sometimes countered. The goal of submitting an offer is to get in the game so you’ve got a chance to win. With the right contingencies in place, you’ve got nothing to lose and possibly, a great home to gain!

Your rent is never going to get cheaper.

A lot of people are paying rent that is equal to what their mortgage could be. Even scarier is that they’re paying towards something that they do not own- meaning that they’re investing in something that does not invest in them. By purchasing a home, you are getting more than a place to build a life…you are getting an investment and leaving your family an asset.

You don’t have the luxury of waiting another day.

Time is money and you deserve to put your hard worked money somewhere that will pay you back. By purchasing a home today, you are steps closer to building equity for your future. The time is now.

If you’ve had thoughts of purchasing but not sure how, contact me today and I’ll show you the way.

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Back to school tips.

Shima 0 comments 02.08.2016

It’s almost that time of year again…

  Back to school that is.


The transition from summer break to returning to school can be tough, especially for kids.

Here are some fun, simple ways you can help you loved ones get back into the rhythm of a schedule:

1. Make go-to snacks available in the fridge.

2. Make a DROP-OFF center where kids can easily find and access their backpacks, shoes and coats. This makes for an effortless morning.

3. Make lunches exciting and colorful– add a positive note. This will give them something to look forward to all day.

4. Set up a homework workstation where they have all the supplies they need such as pencils and paper.

5. Have a delicious, healthy snack waiting for them at home such as apples and peanut butter.

6. Give them a “break” when they arrive home to decompress for 30 min. before completing their homework


“With just a few weeks before summer ends, help your child prepare for the upcoming school year by slowly reiterating a

routine or sleep schedule.

Although they may fuss or fight, it will make for a more successful school year!

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Automated Valuation Model

Shima 0 comments 05.07.2016


If you’ve ever used an automated valuation model to determine the price of your home, then you know they don't work.

An Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is a service intended to produce a numerical estimate of a real estate property. Below are 5 reasons why I believe they don’t work.

The Market Shifts

Different factors influence the market throughout the year, making it unpredictable to determine a home’s value through a system that does not take into consideration the current market. Current market conditions are gathered from interest rates, stock market, gasoline prices, election-year distractions, global events, and other things going on around us that we basically have no control over.  These factors plus seasonal things such as income tax time, holidays, add an unpredictable element to home sales.   Since most AVM’s gather data anywhere from three to six months back, it is not always in the most current timeframe.


Cannot take into consideration updates or damages.

An AVM is unable to calculate the property’s current condition, such as wear and tear, foundation damage, etc. Therefore, the estimated value may not reflect what an inspector or an appraiser will take into consideration.  Remember, updates don’t necessarily add value to a property, but they can help a home to sell quicker.

Not always calculating with the most accurate comparable.

When calculating a price by analyzing comps, it is important to take as many factors into consideration as possible. This can only happen when you measure more than just number of beds and baths. Instead, it is important to consider square footage, lot size, amenities, appliances, condition, etc.


Does not measure demand.

Though a demanding market does not add value to the property itself, scarcity of homes may increase the chances of a home being sold faster or opposite if there are many homes on the market. An AVM will not be able to determine whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market, which both have different effects on home values.

Know who is your competition.

When pricing a property, it is vital to consider what is currently active, pending, what has a backup offer, and what has closed. An AVM will not be able to determine all of these factors, thus taking out a huge factor of what price will sell a home.

In conclusion, using an automated valuation model should be a fun way to get an idea of what your home can possibly sell for. However, in order to find the most comparable price so your home sells in efficient time, it is best to consult with a real estate professional who can help you measure statistics, current market trends and take updates into consideration for you.

Don’t hesitate to call me today to schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn what your home can potentially sell for.