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As your listing agent, my job is to help protect you, and to do this, I will direct you to DISCLOSE. The T.D.S. is an opportunity given to you to do so.

In this form, you are advised to disclose information about the property that would be important for a potential buyer to know.

Sometimes, knowing what to include can be tricky and that’s where I step in.

The TDS form is completed by the seller to share information they are aware of/ have knowledge of.

This can be anything from a leaky faucet to sharing any deaths that have occurred on the property.

In addition, the seller must state whether an appliance is not operable and if there have been any changes/additions made to the home. Also, a seller must state any known nuisance issues- such as a dog that barks all night or a train that passes through.

My job is to allow YOU to ask any questions or concerns to keep you protected. 

Please note that the T.D.S. MUST be completed by the seller in his/her handwriting and the agent cannot fill it out for you.

If you have any uncertainty, please ask your agent. It is your time and duty to DISCLOSE all known material facts.

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