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VA Loans: Helpful Tips for Military Homebuyers

Shima 0 comments 30.09.2021

VA loans are completely backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and are provided to service members, retired soldiers and entitled living spouses. As a government program, the majority of people seem to believe that this program may not live up to its promises. Surprisingly after tons of research we found out, nonetheless, that VA loan programs come with loads of perks. In fact, for those who qualify, it’s really the most convenient way to buy a house.

To be eligible for a VA loan, you must be an active or former member of the military. Generally, you must have been honorably discharged, though there are rare exceptions to that rule. Surviving spouses of veterans can also apply for a VA loan unless they have remarried. Depending on when you served and why you were discharged, there are service benchmarks you must meet in terms of time served.

What are the benefits of VA loans?

This VA loan program favors those qualifying service members to make use of these distinctive and unique benefits. They include $0 down payment, low interest rates and closing costs, the ability to forgo private mortgage insurance (pmi), and more flexible credit requirements. Incredible, right? To give you a bit more insight, in 2020 over 1.2 million homes were bought through VA loans — a record high amount since the program first launched in the year 1944. For a long time VA loans had obtained a bad reputation due to the fact that they take a little bit longer to close than conventional loans, but it really is the way to go.

The researchers at recently created a list of 7 tips for veterans to be aware of if they are contemplating buying their well deserved dream home in 2021!

1. Start without the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
2. Your credit score still matters!
3. Don’t forget your savings.
4. Get pre-approved by a VA lender.
5. Hire a real estate agent! (they’ll get you the best offer)
6. Choose properties that are VA-approved.
7. When you’re ready to move in CLOSE!

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Seaside Heroes Park

Shima 0 comments 12.11.2017

In honor of Veterans Day weekend, today’s “Tourist in your own city” visit was to Seaside Heroes Park in Torrance.

This small park honors Army soldiers Cpl. Joseph Anzack, Jr., 20, Cpl. Micah S. Gifford, 27, and Capt. Matthew C. Ferrara, 24.

The three young men grew up in this area, attending Seaside Elementary Calle Mayor Middle, and South High Schools. As boys, they enjoyed scouting, baseball, track and field, wrestling and football but as young men, they all chose to serve our country.
They became members of the United States Army and all made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives while at war in Iraq (Joseph and Micah) and Afghanistan (Matthew).
They died within an eleven month period (December 2006 - November 2007). May everyone who visits this park realizes the sacrifice made by these Soldiers so that we may live in freedom, and may our "Seaside Heroes" be remembered and inspire future generations.
We may not know them all, but we owe them all.
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Moving for military families.

Shima 0 comments 12.05.2016

In honor of Armed Forces Day this month, I wanted to share some moving tips for military families.


Military families often struggle with relocating and children need to know that their concerns are heard. They must feel loved and cared for and this can simply be done by listening to their concerns and finding ways to achieve emotional stability. Sit down with your child and give 100% of your attention to their worries, such as making new friends, starting a new school, etc. Sometimes we get caught up in our own struggles that we forget about the most vulnerable ones.


Children want to feel "special." By giving children a special job on moving “out” and moving “in” day, they will feel a valuable part of the process and realize that their role in the family is just as important to adjusting.

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Also, reading positive children's books that explain the moving process will ease their concerns. Possibly set aside time each evening for the child to read a book with you. Make sure to discuss after reading what they thought, felt, liked and disliked.

Cursive writing

Sometimes parents think that it is best to tell children last when moving. However, it is critical that your children have the enough time to say good-bye to the family members and friends they're leaving behind. You can make the process easier by purchasing a notepad and asking them to collect addresses, phone numbers and email so they can remain pen-pals.


Lastly, remember to be understanding, compassionate and thoughtful every step of the way.

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Benefits of a VA Loan

Shima 0 comments 17.08.2015


According to the Veterans United Network, VA loans have helped more than 21 million service members become homeowners. VA loans have more flexibility than most loans, including no-down payment and the ability to be reused.

That’s right. As long as you pay off your loan each time, you are eligible to reuse it. However, VA loans are primarily used for residential income, so you cannot use it for investment properties or vacation homes.

A common misconception is that VA loans are issued by the VA.


The VA instead, provides a guaranty on each qualified mortgage loan meaning that they’ve agreed to pay a portion of the loan in the event that you default.

Pooyan Fard, Sr. Loan Consultant has kindly written below more information on how a VA loan will benefit you if applicable.

You probably have heard of VA loans but in order to help you better understand the benefits, here is a brief overview for your reference:

 To help the Service Members, Veterans and eligible surviving spouses, with the loans,  the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) guarantees their mortgage loans. VA loan may be issued only by qualified lenders.

Here are some more details:

VA requires certain amount of length of service or service commitment, duty status and character of service determine your eligibility for specific home loan benefits and issue you a certificate of eligibility (COE). This certificate could be obtained directly from the VA official website or if you provide you DD2014 paperwork, your loan agent can get it for you.

Because VA loans are guaranteed by the VA there will be no need for mortgage insurance even if you put 0% down. There is a funding fee intended to enable the veteran who obtains a VA home loan to contribute toward the cost of this benefit, and thereby reduce the cost to taxpayers and it will be determined based on the down payment borrowers are planning to put down. The COE might specify that the Veteran is exempt from the funding fee and in such cases VA loans can go up to $1,500,000 even with zero percent down!

Additionally, one should note that VA loans work for Single Family Homes, Site condos (Townhomes with no Common Walls) or VA approved Condos and it can be used for both purchase and refinance.

Please feel free to contact me in order to find out if you qualify for this great loan program.

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