Helping our Troops out on the field.

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Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Vaneh Hartouni who although commutes from the San Fernando Valley to his job in El Segundo, has provided exceptional expertise in technology to South Bay’s well-known company, Raytheon.

Vaneh has lived in Los Angeles for the majority of his life and is currently a Project Lead at Raytheon in El Segundo, CA. He hopes to move closer to the South Bay in the future so that he is closer to his work.

In 2010, Vaneh received his Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly Pomona and received his Master of Science degree from UCLA in 2013. Both of his degrees are in Electrical Engineering focusing on digital systems.

Vaneh has been in the aerospace industry for several years. His experience includes working for multiple aerospace companies such as Raytheon and Northrop Grumman. Prior to that, he was an intern for 2.5 years at another aerospace company while attending school full-time.

Some of duties with his technical background include designing various electronics for different platforms such as navigations systems, electronic warfare and radars. In addition, he has led projects by managing people, schedule and budget. Vaneh has an entrepreneurial spirit and through his passion, he has worked on a side project related to portable fingerprint sensors. Currently, he has a provisional pending patent for his portable lock application.

He finds the most inspiring part of his job is the ability to use unique and exciting technology to build electronics for military to help our troops out in the field.

Vaneh says that Raytheon is known as an aerospace company providing products for military platforms. In addition, Raytheon has commercial and internationals customers. “Matter fact, over last a few years, the international customers generate significant amount of revenue for Raytheon,” he says.

Raytheon gives back to the community by providing a STEM program to help high school students to gain interest in the science field by providing college scholarships.

Vaneh hopes in five years to be a functional or program manager at Raytheon.

He enjoys the South Bay for the beaches and has found that the people are nice, friendly and polite. When he is not working, he enjoys being outdoors, sailing, cycling, basketball, snowboarding and going to the gym.

Thank you, Vaneh for being a wonderful member of South Bay’s respected and admired company, Raytheon and providing extensive help to its continuing growth.

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