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Inspiring the children of our future by making math fun again

Shima 0 comments 09.03.2016


Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s WCW title belongs to Sara Aloteibi who gives back to the community by touching the lives of her student’s and helping them find their strengths in math like she once did.

Sara, 28, grew up in Torrance, CA and never left! When she was an 8th grader, she failed Algebra 1 and had to retake it over the Summer. “My summer school teacher saw my potential in math and recommended I take the honors route,” she says.


When she began her freshman year at North High School, she began taking both Geometry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors with an inspirational math teacher who made math meaningful, enjoyable, and understandable. “She completely shifted my view of mathematics and her love for the subject was demonstrated in her teaching and eventually transferred onto her students,” she says.

However, when Sara reached Calculus as a senior, she had a horrible teacher who gave a test on the first day of school and said, “If you fail this test then you will fail the class.” He proceeded to administer the test and when she received her results the following day, she had failed along with many others.

Sara says, “I let him succeed in scaring me out of the class as I ended up dropping out of Calculus immediately after. From that moment, I realized the difference an educator can make in the success of a student.” She found that if you set a student up for failure, they will fail. However, if you provide them with inspiration and the tools for success then the sky is the limit.


Today, Sara is using the lessons she’s learned growing up to teach Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus at South High School to 9th – 12th graders. “Math is just one of those incredible subjects where ends actually do meet. Where you are given a situation with many different approaches that always lead to one clear answer,” she says.

Sara loves math because it’s all around us and has shaped society. “It is actually connected to our real world and present in many different fields than most truly know,” she says. One way she likes to make class fun for her students is to see these connections in our real world and different career fields.

Sara shares some of the ways her class learns: “For example, I show short video clips and pictures from time to time to open up a lesson. We do a cooling cookie lab when we get into exponential and logarithmic functions and relate the cookies cooling to how our world is cooling exponential. We throw tennis balls and determine the height the ball was thrown through mathematics. We design polynomial roller coasters and sine and cosine Tsunami waves. I try to create as many student-centered lessons as possible so that they are able to discover the concepts rather than being told the concepts.”


She is most intrigued when she sees the light bulbs turn on for her kids, especially with students who have always struggled with math all their lives. She wants others to know that life is definitely not about being perfect, rather about doing your very best and putting in as much effort as possible. “And if you fail then learn from your mistakes…you can only do better from that point on,” she says.

In the next five years, she hopes to treat herself and her family as much as possible. She says that her husband and her have worked extremely hard to get to where they are at and definitely have a long way to go, but finds that it’s okay to take a break every now and then to treat themselves as a family.

They hope to take at least two trips a year to travel and enjoy the beautiful world. She also hopes to pursue a doctorate in Education sometime in the near future if God is willing. When she is not teaching and being a mom, she enjoys it on the couch with a bag of chips in her hand watching a movie or a TV show with her husband.


She finds that there isn’t a single thing not to love about living in the South Bay. “The weather is great, the beach is right there when you need it, there is now an in N out in practically every corner, hundreds of great places to eat at, the malls, freeways, diversity, and convenience of really never having to travel far since you can practically find almost every store you can think of in just one city,” she says.

Thank you, Sara for positively influencing the children of our future to accomplish their mathematical struggles!


“Having had both kinds of teachers and both experiences of failing and succeeding made me realize the importance of an educator and their effect on a learner which is why I decided to pursue a career in teaching. I want to spread knowledge, education, and the beauty of math so that I can hopefully inspire young minds to be great.” -Sara Aloteibi

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Am I Qualified to Qualify?

Shima 0 comments 08.03.2016


Often times I am asked,

“Shima, how do I get qualified? What are the requirements? Is it easy?” 

In order to better assist all my friends & clients, I’ve asked lender, Pooyan Fard to share below the basics.

Hope you find it helpful and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email and I will gladly answer any questions you may further have.

What are the basic requirements?

 When it comes to loan applications, it really matters to know what is going to make a difference. As most of other things in this blessed country there is no limitation for who can apply for a loan but to actually get the loan it really helps to know what is needed as the basic requirements. Gone are those days that one could get a mortgage for X amount without the lender verifying his/her ability to repay and in order to make sure the are no more malpractices in mortgage lending, very strict rules and regulations are in place. Here I briefly explain the 4 basic requirements that lenders are supposed to verify when granting a loan and the term we use in mortgage industry is the 4 Cs. It stands for; Character, Credit, Capital, and Collateral. In the next section I will briefly explain the 4 Cs.


 What are the 4 Cs?

        The first C, Character refers to the character of the individual borrowing the money and it will be a very important factor in determining whether the person is going to repay the loan as the payments will fall due. The lenders will use their due diligence to make sure they are going to lend money to the borrowers who are responsible and reliable.

The second C refers to the borrower’s credit. Theoretically, according to FHA guidelines one can get a loan with a credit score as low as 500 but practically the minimum required score is generally 620.

The third C refers to capital which is the amount of liquid asset the borrower has to prove the borrower has some fair amount of savings that can be used for different purposes such as down payment, reserves or impounds and also the cost involved for the transaction. Therefore the liquid assets like the money that borrowers have in their bank accounts or stock or investment accounts play an important role in the decision made by the lenders.

The last but not least C refers to collateral. For residential loans always a collateral is required and it would be the property for which the borrowers are getting the loan. That is why there is always an appraisal needed for the residential loans. The appraisal helps the lender to verify that the property is at least worth as much as sales asked price and then according to the value the loans will be granted. This way in case the borrower defaults on the loan the lender is confident they can get the money they have invested in the property back by taking over the property.

For further questions, please contact Pooyan Fard. 


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Finding a way without the bullshit excuses

Shima 0 comments 06.03.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs Benjamin Artz who has surpassed possibly all of life’s obstacles and has followed a simple life motto to bring light and health to other’s lives.

Artz, 38, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2005, Artz has been a personal trainer and even had his own business working through a gym in Melbourne. Today, he is currently residing in Torrance and helping other’s reach their fitness goals.

During his time in Australia, he also worked with GNC Livewell and after six years with the company, he was able to purchase a GNC Franchise Store and had one store in Melbourne and one store in Sydney and worked in both from time to time.


Growing up, Artz played sports as a child including football, cricket and basketball. “I was blessed with talent and was able to play at elite levels for my age in all sports,” he says.

Furthermore, he explains he was always a gym person and loved being fit.  At one time, he was an electrician apprenticeship and could not wait to finish work so he could get to the gym each day. He says, “I even started early and worked through my lunch to leave early to go workout out, yeah I was nuts.”

One day his boss came up to him and said, “You’re always working out, why don`t you become a personal trainer?” The next day, Artz resigned and says the rest is history. “It was as simple as that,” he says.

 Although he does not have a particular fitness inspiration, he is always researching the latest science and finds it intriguing. “I am a nerd, if you will, and crave knowledge and I love to teach and spread the knowledge I learn,” he says.


He is infatuated with the human body internally more so than the external so he prides himself on his ability to help get his clients healthy mentally as well. He seeks to help them become a better human through health and fitness.

Artz has several mottos he lives by, but his clients know him most for, “Find a way,” and “No Bullshit excuses.” He says that the sayings mean that no matter how hard things are, “to never give up and just dig deep and find a way to get through a tough workout or exercise.”

He enjoys fitness because he has realized that when he is fit, healthy and training, he feels frees. “I can handle life’s stresses better and feel much more content with life and self,” he says. He also values that he can be a small part of what helps change his client’s lives in a positive way. “Be it through training or nutrition, advice or just being a support base and an ear to listen to and maybe offer advice. That`s what makes me truly tick to change others’ lives in a positive way,” he says.


Artz wants others to know that, “Fitness is not all about ego driven bathroom selfies and all about my ab`s or how many times can one person take a picture of themselves half naked each day.” He believes that fitness is health care and health care prevention and no one ever got well by looking at a fitness ego person posting pictures or their ab`s each day.

He believes that training is like life, you will be challenged and you will grow from it and evolve as a person as an individual. He also thinks that healthy eating is a lifestyle and that results come from consistent effort from doing the right things.

In the next five years, Artz hopes to open his first ARTZFIT health & wellness center where he can focus on health & wellness in many aspects of the human body. “I want it to be a place that you come to not just to train but to get well to create a better a life for yourself,” he says.

Artz has great knowledge in nutrition, naturalistic medicine, sport supplementation, along with his fitness and training knowledge so he hopes to create a 1 stop shop for others.


When he is not working, he loves spending time with his wife who he says is his best friend. He also enjoys playing with his two cats and dog who he calls his “fur babies.” “They’re everything to me. It’s my true happy place,” he says.

Artz’s greatest passion outside of fitness is to make the world a better place through love and happiness. He says that he came from a tough road, was raised by a single mother with five children and both parents were alcoholics. In addition, he lost his business due to a deceitful business partner and lost everything at the age of 35.

He moved to CA with the last few dollars he had with hopes of starting a new life. “None of it has made me bitter, if anything all my life`s experiences has made me more understanding and love as an individual,” he says. He supposes that’s why he follows the motto of finding a way and making no excuses.


Today, Artz is training out of Systems Training Center in Hawthorne. He teaches a group fitness boot camp style of training on Wednesday 7 pm & Sunday 9:30 am. He is also available for one on one training by appointment only and can be contacted through the following:



IG : Benjamin Artz

Thank you, Benjamin for being a wonderful contribution to the South Bay community by not only helping locals reach their fitness dreams but offering a lending ear to all.


“I don`t aspire to be anything else than a better me- mind, body, soul.” –Benjamin Artz

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Luck doesn’t have anything to do with leasing a home

Shima 0 comments 05.03.2016


Last week during my open house, I met a family who was frustrated after submitting numerous applications to lease potential homes and were denied.  In a market as competitive as it has been and with the housing shortage in California, more people are afraid they’ve been cursed with bad luck.

Truthfully, there is no golden coin or luck that helps- it has everything to do with credibility.

When a landlord is contemplating on accepting an applicant for their property, several factors come into play. In order to be portrayed as a desirable candidate, there are some things that may increase your chances of being accepted.

Understandably, life happens and causes some shifts in our credit, loss of job, increase in our credit charges, etc. which can greatly affect our good-standing. However, when submitting an application to lease, consider what you would think as a landlord looking at your application, credit, or bank statements.

I spoke with several landlords and property manager, Tim Marshall to better understand how one could improve their chances of leasing. Upon our talk, I found that a considerable candidate is someone who can prove income.

Sometimes, based on one’s low credit score, they have to increase their chances by providing more proof of income. Such as, bank statements, tax returns, etc. This sometimes results in digging deeper than intended to.

A landlord’s greatest nightmare is offering residency to a client who cannot pay their rent. This results in unnecessary conflict for him/her. So, by providing all sources of income- you’re assuring the landlord that you’ll have no issue paying your rent.

A landlord may also value a cover letter. In a cover letter, you are telling the landlord who you are and why they should choose you. Whether you’re writing a cover letter to buy or rent, you’re allowing the person on the other end to have a better understanding of who you are, what you do and why you’re the right candidate for them.

Lastly, references are another staple that can allow a seller or landlord clarify that you’re efficient, reliable, clean, and trustworthy. These characteristics are important for a landlord or owner of a home as they want to rest assured that whoever is in their property is taking care of it and using it solely as a home.

You can gather references from prior landlords, old/current bosses, family and friends.

Finally, Tim Marshall says, “There is no other time that the laws of supply and demand have been more affected to rent. A lot of people want the same things you want and due to scarcity, it’s limiting. But don’t get discouraged and just understand that it has affected real estate as a whole.”

Although leasing can feel disheartening if denied, remember it is a competitive market and in order to better your chances- consider gathering these documents in advance.

Thank you for your trust and remember, your referrals are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me!

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Altering First Impressions

Shima 0 comments 02.03.2016


Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s ‪#‎WCW title belongs to Veronica Marshall who creates art pieces including self-portraits in hopes of articulating how humans judge one another while also playing optical allusions on people.

Marshall, 26, was born and raised in Torrance, CA. Upon graduating from North Torrance High School in 2007, she studied at El Camino Community College and Otis College of Art and Design.

Marshall grew an immense passion for art through various extracurricular art programs she was involved in at the age of 10. However, in high school, she was encouraged and inspired by her art teacher  to pursue Fine Arts as a career.


“The decision to be a fine artist was cemented while taking art classes at El Camino Community College. I was inspired, intrigued and excited by the work of my fellow art students and teachers,” she says.

Marshall’s role as an artist is to visually engage the viewer to create dialogue and visual pleasure.  “Physically I create primarily in my studio, although sometimes my concepts may take me to different locations. The concepts come to me through my life experiences,” she says.

She has found that she is fascinated by the interaction of people and the concepts of the hidden self and how first impressions are often misleading and one dimensional. She explains that this finding has greatly influenced her figurative work. “My abstract work is more influenced by color, fluidity and texture,” she says.

She is inspired to create by a variety of materials, media and experiences. She finds Jay DeFeo and Cindy Sherman who are artists inspirational.


When she is not creating art, she enjoys going to the movies, exhibits, reading and spend time with friends and family.

She enjoys paying it forward to the community by participating in multiple art shows where the proceeds of the work are donated to the homeless shelters in Los Angles. In addition, she donated work in 2011 to a show were the proceeds went to help the Japanese after the earthquake.

In five years, Marshall hopes to have a successful career as a fine artist and having finished her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Art History. She would like people to know that a career as an artist is not easy and it truly has to be your passion.

Thank you Veronica for using your passion for art as a way to give back to the the community and reminding us that our first impressions may not always be accurate.

To see more of Veronica’s pieces, please visit her website here.


“I truly believe that without art there is no life”

– Veronica Marshall

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South Bay’s Favorite SOOSK

Shima 0 comments 29.02.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s MCM title belongs to Alireza Nejad, who uses his passion for music and Djing as a way to help the youth stay out of trouble by offering tutorials and classes for free.

Nejad, better known as “Dj Soosk,” 28, was born and raised in Torrance. He graduated from South Torrance High in 2005 and in 2001 decided to pursue his passion for music producing and Djing into a career.

Growing up, Nejad had a strong love for music from a young age. Nejad says that having grown up around three older sisters that had very different preferences in music choice gave him the ability to learn many genres at once. However, it was his youth Pastor, Jim, from a local Christian youth group that inspired him.


Nejad says, “He taught me everything I needed to know and helped me with the business aspects of DJing.” He realized that there is much more to it than standing behind a set of turntables.

He learned the value and hard work of DJ’s early on and explains that he’s not always by the most famous musicians, instead “for the guy that I see djing on a regular basis at the local bar, nightclub or event.” He explains that he/she is the one that inspires him to work harder.

In addition, he finds inspiration from his parents who moved to the country with nothing. He says that almost 40 years ago, his father with broken English started to work immediately and has not stopped since. “Never once did I hear himself or my mother want to give up and settle for less for our family. That’s true inspiration to me,” he says.


His greatest supporters have been his wife, Pricila and family. “They have always supported every decision I have made in life, even if it wasn’t the best for me. Sometimes you have to make the mistake yourself to learn,” he says.

Nejad decided to brand his business after a childhood memory. Growing up, Nejad’s grandmother called him soosk which translates to cockroach in Farsi.


He says, “I was so dark compared to the rest of my family. It stuck when my friends would start calling me that as a joke. If you can’t fight em, Join em.”

Indeed, he joined them! His business grew exceptionally through word of mouth and radio spots on loacal stations and hottest nightclubs in the South Bay area.

Despite the popularity of DJ’s, Nejad wishes people knew that a DJ does not have a 401k or health benefits. “The hours are long, and equipment is very expensive and being able to DJ is a talent. Know the worth of who is being hired,” he says.


Nejad loves living in the South Bay mostly for the people. “It’s the most diverse, influential and relaxing place to live. I have friends and neighbors from every walk of life and you really cannot find that in many places in this world,” he says. In addition, he has found that he can never complain about the weather and enjoys that it is conveniently close major attractions such as, LA, OC, snow, the dessert, Las Vegas, beaches, and mountains. “You can’t go wrong!” he says.

Today, Nejad continues to DJ on a regular basis weddings and cooperate events. An event’s management company organizes his events for him and can be contacted

Nejad gives back to his community by Djing for breast cancer events, schools and other non-profit events at no charge in order to be able to help raise money for a great cause. “I also do classes and tutorials for kids trying to start off and help with the basics. I would much rather have them in the passion of music than getting into trouble. I know it saved me as a youth,” he says.


When he is not producing music pieces, he spends his time as a Father and Husband. “It’s the best job in the world. I love spending time with family and friends,” he says.

In five years, Nejad would love to see himself iving in a nice big house (“That Shima sells me of course”) in the South Torrance area, with his wife Pricila and daughter Soraya. He also hopes to have more children then. He says that he doesn’t know where his life will take him in five years, but he hopes to be Djing as much as he does now.

Thank you, Alireza for using your passion for music to make our community a greater place and keeping our youth out of trouble.


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Five ways a home is valued

Shima 0 comments 26.02.2016


The other day my client asked me, “Shima, how much money can I get for my home?”

I told him that when a potential buyer is inspecting the value of a home, several factors come into play. Although the market has a huge impact whether a home will sell quick or slow, there are some indications that are always considered.

First and foremost, LOCATION!

One of the most influential factors a buyer will consider when deciding whether to purchase a home or investment is geographical location. You’ve heard it, seen it and even said it, “Location, Location, Location!” Proximity to attractions, transportation routes, schools, demographics, ocean views, fine dining and freeways are all advantages one may take into consideration when assessing the value of a home or business’ location.

Second, PRICE!

In 1950, Pepsi used the slang, “More bang for the buck” as an advertising method to describe the New Look policy on nuclear weapons. Today, the phrase is used to mean a greater worth for the money used.

We all love a great deal, especially in one of our greatest investments we will ever make. People want to know that they’re getting more than they imagined they could ever have and that happens when they feel like the home was a steal. Well, how does this occur?

When a home is strategically priced, people line up, wanting it before it’s gone. And the way to do that is to make sure it is priced to sell!

Third, knowing who is your COMPETITION.

When pricing your home, it’s vital to look at what is currently active, what is pending, what has a backup offer, and what has closed.  The active listings are who we are competing with. The pending sales are necessary to see how many days something has been on the market until it has gotten an offer. Closed Sales will test us exactly where our comps will come from- which is typically between the lowest and highest sales.

By understanding WHO the competition is, it is easier to focus on what you have to offer that the others don’t- and that is your power.

Fourth, the CONDITION of your home.

Again, a home or business is a huge investment one makes and the condition will either influence or scare some away. What may seem like a potential fixer to some, may seem frightening to others. So, the condition of a home will influence one’s decision in determining if they will get more bang for their buck!

 Last but not least, the CURRENT MARKET.

Current market conditions are gathered from interest rates, stock market, gasoline prices, election-year distractions, global events, and other things going on around us that we basically have no control over.  These factors plus seasonal things such as income tax time, holidays, add an unpredictable element to home sales.  However, over time, the trend is always upward! As my friend and business partner Tim Marshall says, “I have a saying that the best time to buy is now and the best time to sell is now, because in the long run the trend is always upward.”

As previously mentioned, we all love a great deal. To some, a deal may be getting furniture with the home, a free TV or fridge. To others, it’s simply getting more bang for their buck- which is really just getting something better for the same price.

So when deciding what to price your home, remember these determining factors that will ultimately influence a buyer’s decision. Remember, we’re all out to get the most bang for our buck!

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Aiding our Troops back to Health

Shima 0 comments 24.02.2016


Every Wednesday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place.

Today’s WCW title belongs to Sarah Tuflija who is a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Long Beach.

Sarah, 26, grew up in North Torrance and graduated from North High school in 2007.   Upon graduating from North High, Sarah spent some time in community college where she realized she needed a change.


She found that she had an interest in the medical field, but dove straight into the surgery department because of her family’s history in the field. “My mom was a surgical tech and still works in the operating room at Harbor UCLA and my grandmother was a CRNA, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist for Kaiser Permanente,” she says.

Her duties include assisting surgeons in the operating room from procedures that range from general surgery, urology, vascular, ENT, thoracic and so on. Sarah says, “There is no better feeling than every morning walking into the VA for work and seeing old war pictures, propaganda and memorials of all of our heroes and knowing that I am here to care for them.”


Sarah says that the veterans have served their time and duty and feels it is her job to make them better again. “The stories and personalities of some of the older veterans always make me smile. We are starting to get a shift as younger generation of veterans come in for care and an increase in women veterans,” she says.

The VA’s mission statement is to fulfill Lincoln’s promise: “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.” Sarah feels grateful to be on the team of helpers who aid veterans.


Today, Sarah resides in Gardena and is the proud wife of a veteran. When she is not busy assisting veterans as a surgical technologist, she enjoys being outdoors at the beach, walking her dogs, being with friends and a having a good dinner and movie date with her husband. She loves the South Bay mostly for the, “beautiful weather, beaches and Mexican food.”

In five years, Sarah sees herself still working for the veterans in Long Beach and starting a family. She is proud to say that all of the men in her family are military veterans and the women work in operating rooms.

Thank you Sarah for aiding and assisting our heroes every day!


 “Being bed side, serving care for our veterans who have served and sacrificed so much for us is a job that I leave everyday feeling amazing about.”

– Sarah Tuflija

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Leaps & Bounds

Shima 0 comments 22.02.2016


Every Monday, I will share a resident of the South Bay contributing to making our community a better place. Today’s MCM title belongs William Wilson, who recruits certified nurses to places in need.

Wilson was born in Torrance and raised in the South Bay. Growing up, he traveled playing Rugby for Santa Monica Rugby Club. Together, the team traveled to several countries including Argentina, Germany and Thailand.

When he was just 22 years old, Wilson was in great shape and playing in his second season of rugby. During one weekend, his team was a part of a rugby tournament which cost him broken bones in his right leg. The doctor said that if they didn’t put Wilson to sleep, they wouldn’t have found that there was a fatty embolism that was going to his heart. Also known as, an “Air bubble”.

In result, Wilson found how precious life is and how appreciative he was to be alive. He realized life is a gift and he has so much left to give others. Soon after, Wilson was handpicked by a prior manager to help recruit nurses. At the time, he was still working for a different company and had to make the ultimate decision of staying with the company or help a new company grow by leaps and bounds.


Wilson chose to take the lead and today, is a full-time Nurse recruiter for United Staffing Solutions Inc. (USSI) and a part-time Entrepreneur. His duties are to recruit the best of the best nurses for 13-week travel assignments.

Nurses that Wilson recruits must have one year “or close to” experience in an acute care setting. This ranges from Medical Surgery, Telemetry, NICU, PICU, L&D, ICU etc.  “They can have pretty much any specialty,” he says.

Wilson does not recruit a specific kind of traveler and says that they can be a true traveler, a new traveler or someone that wants to try something new other than being a staff nurse. A travel nurse is a nurse that wants to take a 13-week assignment.

Wilson claims that now nurses can choose to work as both a staff nurse and take on assignment at the same time to see if they can handle the work load. A typical schedule is 3 days a week, 12 hours a day in a contract. “This is either on top of their 3/12’s already or just by itself,” he says.

Wilson explains that having a CA license is the “hottest thing” for a nurse as the pay is much better in CA than any other state.  Although his company is not working internationally yet, Wilson explains that they work with new graduates on occasion.

Pay for the nurses depends on a few factors. “Crisis rate, need, is the hospital on strike, location and time of year to name a few,” he says. Nurses, however, receive daily meals and incidentals, housing and hourly pay all in one contract. On other occasions, nurses find their housing and are able to receive free money and maximize their return on the contract.


Wilson finds that working as a recruit nurse has many benefits including that you get to travel, get tax free money and get a ton of experience in a short amount of time.

Wilson began recruiting after realizing he loved helping people. “To me, I get the greatest reward by helping people get into contracts,” he says.  Most of his nurses have come from referrals which he says are often nurses who are coming off contract, needing a contract or wanting to try out a better company to work with.

Some of his duties include finding nurses housing, fining the best location whether it is northern, central or even southern, CA. In addition, he is able to provide the nurses insurance if desired. He says, “Nurses are great. In my opinion they save lives. And to me putting a great nurse in a hospital that does just that sells itself. Because don’t you want to work with the best people too?”


This year, Wilson hopes to help 10 people find their dream job. He believes that being a recruiter isn’t for everyone. “However if you can multitask, stay extremely focused, self-motivated and do it for a purpose, it can be very gratifying.” He also values his staffing company and vows them to be, “super important.”

Wilson feels most gratified when he receives a referral because it means that he has earned another’s trust and respect enough for them to refer them.

When Wilson is not working, he enjoys hiking in Palos Verdes, playing Rugby, traveling, lifting weights, networking, reading, cooking and going to movies. He thrives most when chasing his passions.

He pays it forward by trying to give as much clothes to the salvage army as possible. “I sometimes feed the homeless when I see that someone is hungry. If you know what it’s like not to eat, this is a small gesture, however having empathy and compassion is the greatest reward. Especially when you know someone appreciates it,” he says.


He has found that the South Bay has the best people in California. “I think it is a group of highly educated, motivated individuals that want one another to achieve success. This doesn’t mean you have to be from the same industry. And let’s face it… You can be in the glamor in Hollywood one minute, Hermosa beach the next and in Big Bear mountains all in the same day.”

Thank you, Wilson, for providing our hardworking and deserving nurses greater opportunities.

To learn more about recruiting and the benefits, please contact Wilson here on his linkedin.


Cell: (310) 707-6476 or email

Wilson’s Websites:

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Shima 0 comments 16.02.2016

Often times I am asked, “Shima, how can I sell my home the quickest?”

My most common response is, “Well, what is fast?”

A home is not something many of us can let go of easily. It is a place where we’ve lived, made memories and held many gatherings in. It’s a part of a chapter of our lives and we tend to grow an emotional bond with our homes. In result, we also tend to idolize our homes anf view them as far more magnificent than others will see them.

Because of our perceptions, we idolize the home and overvalue it at times. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much a seller loves the property – because it is only worth what the buyer is WILLING to pay for it.

So, I know it’s hard to let go of our homes when we’ve made so many memories, but look at it this way- You’re leaving behind the old, 1.0 version of you and starting over. This is a new start, a new life, a new opportunity, a new luxury.

So, how can you get rid of the old quickest so that you can get the new? Well, it’s all about selling your home in a marketable area.
You may be wondering, “What is a marketable area?”

MARKETABLE is defined simply as: able to be sold, wanted by buyers.

So the ultimate goal is to make YOUR home a marketable place so that it attracts buyers. Of course, your home will not be for everyone, but it may possibly be for someone they know. If you’re able to present a home where anyone can see themselves living in it, you are far closer to selling your home. In order to do so, you must present a home that allows others to paint an image of themselves in it.

Here are some ways you can do that:


Your home will be open for viewing at times and if it is filled with too many of your belongings, it may be difficult for a potential buyer to not only see themselves living in the home, but to value it. When we have furniture, boxes, etc. lying around- rooms seem smaller, more crammed.

You only have one chance to make a good impression with buyers, so you want to make sure that they’re impressed enough to write an offer.

 Just as beautiful on the inside as the out:

Before even entering the home, potential buyers will see the outside and we want to make sure the outside looks as good as the inside. There are simple ways to do so- gardening, mowing the lawn, or even adding flowers. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do a pressure wash on exterior walls so that they’re clean and free of dust and dirt.

When your home looks welcoming and presentable on the outside, buyers will want to see what it looks like on the inside.

The price is right!

You don’t show up on the day of a test without studying- you prepare. Prior to pricing your home, you will want to be guided by your Realtor of most recent sales in the area where your home is. This prevents overpricing your home, causing it to sit on the market and going stale. The goal is to price your home to sell so that an offer is received in just a few weeks.

Ultimately, whether you want to move out of your house quickly or have time to relocate- you have to be strategic when it comes to attracting buyers.

You want your home to express to others that it is what they want and what we have to offer is the best!

Here’s to Selling YOUR Home In Marketable Areas.

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