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5 Real Estate Myths

As a certified First Time Home Buyer Specialist, my duty is to help you know and understand your options.

Unfortunately, studies have found that 95% of Generation Z buyers begin their home search online, which means that many come to me with preconceived beliefs of what it entails to be a homeowner- with most being wrong. Many could have been homeowners years ago!

My advice is to consult with a trusted agent and learn about today's home buying process. There are so many options out there that can take you from paying someone else’s mortgage (rent) to building equity in your very own home.

Homeownership is possible.

How much home can you afford?

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The last thing you want to do is find your dream home, fall in love… only to discover you’re not financially qualified to purchase it.

To avoid this, it is essential to meet with a lender prior to beginning your home search.

A mortgage advisor will do exactly that… advise you of mortgage options that make the most sense for you and your family.

Knowing this upfront will allow you to also set realistic purchasing goals so that we can view homes within a comfortable price point and stay within range.

Setting expectations of a purchase price you would like to stay under will also help avoid heartache and disappointment.

If you have goals of owning a home one day, I would love to share my list of preferred lenders with you. They will be able to privately assist you on determining the right loan and purchase price. Send me a D.M. for more information.

To rent or own? That is the question.

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According to ApartmentList.com, the national rent has increased by 17.8 percent. Furthermore, the 2022 National Housing Forecast foresees prices for vacant units will continue to increase this year.

There’s no better time than now to learn the steps towards becoming a homeowner. My advice is even if you’re not ready to buy today or tomorrow, speaking with a lender will get you on a roadmap towards homeownership. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to sit down over coffee and discuss the process. 


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Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is not a decor style or self-care practice. It’s actually a way of living that is said to provide an overall feeling of comfort, wellness, and contentment.

This lifestyle was designed by the Danish who believe Hygge begins in the home. This feeling comes from taking pleasure in simple things.

More importantly, they value creating this space because it is so valuable to our spirit and health. The hyggekrog, or a comfy corner is a place in your home where you can read, have a cup of hot cocoa, or do a crossword puzzle. Essentially, relax. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be your couch, patio chair, or lawn. It’s simply a place where you can go for peace.

Coziness is key when it comes to hygge living. It gives that “there’s no place like home” feeling we all strive to have. Here’s to creating that space in your home for a happier, healthier you. 


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A common misconception is that a minimalist home is boring. That’s isn’t true.

The minimalistic approach is not about having nothing in the home at all. Instead, it’s about using simple elements with little embellishment.

This design style has widely become popular as studies have found that clutter is a universal stress trigger. Go figure. ?

That includes having an abundance of things on our floors, walls, and counters. This is why home designers are encouraging a “less is more” approach.

Many home trends have gone in and out of style- similar to fast fashion. (Remember, farmhouse) However, the minimalist approach has achieved lasting results and works for any space or lifestyle.


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Space. We never seem to have enough of it.

Space for our belongings, for our holiday decor, for everyday living. Heck, we don’t even have room for our junk.

Did you know amongst ALL the features a home can offer, space is top of the list for buyers. Unfortunately, many homebuyers are not programmed to look past a seller’s personal belongings, and what possibly is a spacious room might look small due to the items.

Professionals advise sellers to declutter, depersonalize and minimize large items- such as an armoire or chair. Sometimes, removing one thing makes all the difference.

When preparing to list your home, it’s essential to advise a professional. If you’re looking to attain top dollar for your home, give me a call, and my team of professionals will come in and guide you on pressing your home prior to listing.

Don’t have money for a down payment?

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Those who have bought paid an average of 7% down. According to the FEDS, large student loan debt caused long-term financial damage to many millennials. 55% of millennials who have enough a home say that they had to make a financial sacrifice such as limiting vacations.

24% of millennials say they cannot purchase a home because they don’t have the down payment.

Fortunately, there are numerous C.A.R. down payment assistance resources, including FHA, FANNIE MAE, and FREDDIE MAC plans.

 Above are a few ways to buy a home with $0 down.

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VA Loans: Helpful Tips for Military Homebuyers

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VA loans are completely backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and are provided to service members, retired soldiers and entitled living spouses. As a government program, the majority of people seem to believe that this program may not live up to its promises. Surprisingly after tons of research we found out, nonetheless, that VA loan programs come with loads of perks. In fact, for those who qualify, it’s really the most convenient way to buy a house.

To be eligible for a VA loan, you must be an active or former member of the military. Generally, you must have been honorably discharged, though there are rare exceptions to that rule. Surviving spouses of veterans can also apply for a VA loan unless they have remarried. Depending on when you served and why you were discharged, there are service benchmarks you must meet in terms of time served.

What are the benefits of VA loans?

This VA loan program favors those qualifying service members to make use of these distinctive and unique benefits. They include $0 down payment, low interest rates and closing costs, the ability to forgo private mortgage insurance (pmi), and more flexible credit requirements. Incredible, right? To give you a bit more insight, in 2020 over 1.2 million homes were bought through VA loans — a record high amount since the program first launched in the year 1944. For a long time VA loans had obtained a bad reputation due to the fact that they take a little bit longer to close than conventional loans, but it really is the way to go.

The researchers at Money.com recently created a list of 7 tips for veterans to be aware of if they are contemplating buying their well deserved dream home in 2021!

1. Start without the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
2. Your credit score still matters!
3. Don’t forget your savings.
4. Get pre-approved by a VA lender.
5. Hire a real estate agent! (they’ll get you the best offer)
6. Choose properties that are VA-approved.
7. When you’re ready to move in CLOSE!

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A home for BIRDIE

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I’d like to wish a huge ?ℴ?ℊ????????ℴ?? to first-time home buyer, Ileana.

My friend, Daran, kindly referred Ileana to me after learning that she was in the market of purchasing a home and wasn’t having much luck with her current agent.

After meeting over lunch and getting to know one another, we viewed a home together, wrote an offer, but were outbid. Fortunately, Ileana continued to stay focused and kept her eyes on the prize: purchasing her first home. 

Soon after we began our home search, we found, THE ONE. A home perfect for Ileana and her cutie patootie dog, Birdie. The home allows her to live closer to her family, give Birdie a backyard to run free in, and let’s her enjoy all the beauty San Pedro has to offer.

Also, thanks to Ileana’s expertise in construction, she was able to analyze the inspection report in depth, which in turn helped me negotiate a credit of $9,000 towards hers closing cost! 

Ileana, I’m so proud of you!!! You are a homeowner at such a young age and I know this is only the beginning. You did it!